This is MAD

Even excellent tech innovators often lack entrepreneurial knowhow and experience. MAD helps you to transform technologies into scalable products and services. We support you on your mission to build a strong and sustainable business.

Why MAD?

Building successful companies needs innovation, big market opportunities and strong teams. We add a lot of expertise, experience and strong networks to accelerate the growth of early tech innovation. And we are mad enough to do it as co-founders, not just consultants.

MAD accelerate growth of innovation



Collaborate and cooperate
with startups

MAD accelerate growth of innovation


Build successful
tech solutions

Transform your
startup into business

MAD accelerate growth of innovation

Innovation Networks

Add real experience
to your ecosystems

Let money, brain
and effort drive success

The MAD Team

Oops we did it again (and again)

We are serial entrepreneurs with a strong founder spirit.
We combine development, product management, strategy, finance, goto market
and sales expierence and support you and your team with hands on execution.

Wieland Alge
Wieland Alge
Walter Ischia
Walter Ischia
Christina Scholochow
Christina Scholochow
Florian Scholochow
Florian Scholochow
Wieland Alge

Wieland Alge

A fanatic, driven by the aim to contribute. Whether it has been hunting down the first 10 customers or reaching for the 100 million revenue target.

Walter Ischia

Walter Ischia

The „swiss army knife“ for founders. With his over 20 years doer background he combines the points of view of startups, investors and corporates. Walter loves to work hands on on strategy, financing, brand building and marketing challenges.

Christina Scholochow

Christina Scholochow

With her entrepreneurial mindset Christina has the ability to immediately identify the potential of an idea and break it down to its essentials. She knows how to transform a market opportunity into a successful product. Her main area of expertise is shaping a product strategy with focus on user experience and the bigger picture at the same time.

Florian Scholochow

Florian Scholochow

Florian is a tech and strategy facilitator with a strong entrepreneurial background. As CEO of mohemian he has architected and led the implementation of various companies, as Mobile Passport for example.

MAD stands for

(and not)

We are co-founders – not just investors
We are doers – not just consultants
We believe in sustainable growth – not just in pitches

What MAD stands for

(and what not)

We are CO-Founders – not investors
We are doers – not Consultants
We believe in sustainable growth – not in short term profit

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